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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the interview?

A: If you are a clerical or light industrial applicant, you must bring:
A driver's licence or State Identification Card
A social security card or birth certificate
A hard copy of your resume
If you are a Tea for Two Homecare applicant you must bring:
All of the above and:
Your up to date CPR and First Aid Certification
Results from a recent TB test

Q: Where is this job located?  What does it pay?
  Is it full-time or part-time?

A: As a temporary agency, we have multiple jobs we are looking to fill.
  The specifications of each job are different.
  When you come to our office for you interview we will discuss what type
of work you are looking for, what areas you are willing to drive to and what type of pay you are looking for.  We will take these considerations into account when searching for work for you.

Q: How soon can I start a position?
A: Many positons are available right away, however, some of the companies we work with ask for a second interview or background checks.
A flexible attitude towards work will help us to place you more quickly.  Applicants who are willing to try different types of work or are more flexible with pay, scheduling or location are significantly easier to place than applicants with more restrictions.

Q: Where would I be working?

For any other questions, please feel free to contact our office at 734-769-4800.
Our office hours are M-F, 8am-5pm.
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